The Designing

The team of JSC “City Projects” performs the projects of wide range purpose, scope and complexity, starting from individual and residential houses, until complicated administration, commercial, industrial and public buildings.

We can prepare all parts of building project: architectural, constructional, the networks outside and inside engineering in all stages of project, here is the list:

Building Technical Project (later – Technical Project) is the main stage of Designing. It is prepared as single document, which includes the main, functional and technical indexes of designed building. The structure of prepared documents and solutions, its specifications (text, calculations, and drawings) in the Technical Project are supplied to understand and evaluate the idea of Builder, also to set the price, to perform the adjustments and expertise, to announce the Tender of Building Contractor, to receive the permission of Construction or Demolition, to prepare the Work Project.

Work Project is the second stage of Designing, there are detailed the solutions of Technical Project and the works of Constructions are performing according it. The Work Project is prepared as single document or in several documents.

Technical Work Project – it includes solutions of both Technical and Work Projects;

Basic Building Project (Basic Repair project, Basic Constructions Project, Basic Reconstruction project) is reduced scope project, by which the main purposes of Technical Work project are achieved.

By preparing all Projects, we achieve that the project will be the qualitative and all solutions will be reasonable.Because of this reason, we pay special attention to the project development management and coordination.