Design offers

Design offers is the beginning itself, while developing the real estate project.

Despite the scope of the real estate project to be fulfilled, it is very important to identify all possible dangers at the very beginning as well as to create building concept (idea of building architecture and other main decisions), connection possibilities of engineering networks and other important aspects, which may influence a project to be successfully implemented on time.

JSC City Projects team, with the considerable scope of experience, is ready to perform all (pre) design project assessment works, such as:

  • feasibility study / analysis
  • investment analysis
  • design offers, decisions of general planning, traffic arrangement, connection of engineering networks, architectural representation, etc.
  • initial coordination of project implementation feasibilities in respective institutions
  • legal consultations on territory planning and construction issues within all project implementation stages
  • administration of the documents, related to legal registration of the land site and the buildings
  • preparation of the investment project
  • validation of building construction
  • preparation of the application in order to receive EU financial support
  • cadastral measurements
  • engineering geodesy research (topographical material)
  • engineering geological researches