Masterplaning is one of the most important stages while developing the real estate object.

Our call is “the problems are ours, not the Client’s”. We always establish optimal land site use regulations for the specific land sites.

Due to confused and changing laws, regulations and requirements of institutions to be coordinated with, the stage of territory planning becomes a complicated and long process.

Certified specialists and skilled project managers comprising our team prepare special and detailed territory planning projects. A long-term experience, while preparing projects, enables us to prepare projects on time and to implement all set objectives.

JSC City Projects provide with all services related to the territory planning:

  • special plans
  • detailed plans
  • preparation and coordination of assessment documents of effect to environment and public health
  • strategic plans
  • development schemes
  • project coordination with concerned institutions
  • Representation of the Clients with the processes of territory planning
  • coordination of document approval of land site data evaluation after territory planning
  • coordination of the projects with the third persons (e.g. owners of the adjacent sites, settlement of servitudes, etc.)