JSC "City Projects" is a design, development and construction management company of the real estate, providing practical decisions and qualitative services.
Our vision is exclusively qualitative and reason-based design decisions corresponding the strictest requirements. Our aim is to create unique buildings complying with requirements of the Client and constructions, where is good to reside, work, create or simply to be in.
We are aware, that every single project for individual Client is unique. We evaluate every aspect of the project, starting from the concept up to the technical realization.
JSC "City Projects" efficiently and rationally implements design projects of the real estate in Lithuania, Belarus, Russia and other countries.


Design offers is the beginning itself, while developing the real estate project.

Despite the scope of the real estate project to be fulfilled, it is very important to identify all possible dangers at the very beginning as well as to create building concept (idea of building architecture and other main decisions), connection possibilities of engineering networks and other important aspects, which may influence a project to be successfully implemented on time.

JSC City Projects team, with the considerable scope of experience, is ready to perform all (pre) design project assessment works, such as:

  • feasibility study / analysis
  • investment analysis
  • design offers, decisions of general planning, traffic arrangement, connection of engineering networks, architectural representation, etc.
  • initial coordination of project implementation feasibilities in respective institutions
  • legal consultations on territory planning and construction issues within all project implementation stages
  • administration of the documents, related to legal registration of the land site and the buildings
  • preparation of the investment project
  • validation of building construction
  • preparation of the application in order to receive EU financial support
  • cadastral measurements
  • engineering geodesy research (topographical material)
  • engineering geological researches


Masterplanning is one of the most important stages while developing the real estate object.

Our call is “the problems are ours, not the Client’s”. We always establish optimal land site use regulations for the specific land sites.

Due to confused and changing laws, regulations and requirements of institutions to be coordinated with, the stage of territory planning becomes a complicated and long process.

Certified specialists and skilled project managers comprising our team prepare special and detailed territory planning projects. A long-term experience, while preparing projects, enables us to prepare projects on time and to implement all set objectives.

JSC City Projects provide with all services related to the territory planning:

  • special plans
  • detailed plans
  • preparation and coordination of assessment documents of effect to environment and public health
  • strategic plans
  • development schemes
  • project coordination with concerned institutions
  • Representation of the Clients with the processes of territory planning
  • coordination of document approval of land site data evaluation after territory planning
  • coordination of the projects with the third persons (e.g. owners of the adjacent sites, settlement of servitudes, etc.)


The team of JSC “City Projects” performs the projects of wide range purpose, scope and complexity, starting from individual and residential houses, until complicated administration, commercial, industrial and public buildings.

We can prepare all parts of building project: architectural, constructional, the networks outside and inside engineering in all stages of project, here is the list:

Building Technical Project (later – Technical Project) is the main stage of Designing. It is prepared as single document, which includes the main, functional and technical indexes of designed building. The structure of prepared documents and solutions, its specifications (text, calculations, and drawings) in the Technical Project are supplied to understand and evaluate the idea of Builder, also to set the price, to perform the adjustments and expertise, to announce the Tender of Building Contractor, to receive the permission of Construction or Demolition, to prepare the Work Project.

Work Project is the second stage of Designing, there are detailed the solutions of Technical Project and the works of Constructions are performing according it. The Work Project is prepared as single document or in several documents.

Technical Work Project – it includes solutions of both Technical and Work Projects;

Basic Building Project (Basic Repair project, Basic Constructions Project, Basic Reconstruction project) is reduced scope project, by which the main purposes of Technical Work project are achieved.

By preparing all Projects, we achieve that the project will be the qualitative and all solutions will be reasonable. Because of this reason, we pay special attention to the project development management and coordination.


Supervision of constructions is performed by the designer of the building; it is organized by the builder (Customer). The main object is to control building being realized according the Project of building and the building architecture should be implemented as indicated in the project.

The experts of JSC “City Projects” performs all designed building supervisions from the beginning of Building Construction until the final and full completion of construction, and acceptance for using it.

 Construction Project Manager, who is carrying out the supervision of Building project, should perform:

  • visit the building site regularly, monitor the progress of construction and solve all questions, related to establishment of Building Project;
  • check whether the building is realizing according the requirements of project solutions and technical specifications;
  • Participate in the Commission whether the building is suitable for use, if the building conforms to the Project.


We are creating the interiors of different complexity, by the request of clients. It meets the needs of our customers.

The experts of the company together with building projects successfully create cozy, comfortable and stylish interiors in the private and public buildings.

We can offer such interior design services:

  • The detailed (full) interior project (for example: the architectural building plan, the plan of furniture arrangement, the plan of plumbing layout, the diagram of electric wiring, evolves / sections of walls and niches and other);
  • The partial interior project;
  • The conception of interior (the offer of idea: project idea, the choosing of style, the summary of needs and desires, by designing the entire, harmonic interior. It can be shown by 3D visualizations);
  • The supervision of establishment interior project.


The specialists of JSC “City Projects” provide these consultations:

  • To find out the demands of the client;
  • To evaluate the possibilities to design the project;
  • To present the aims of the project in right way;
  • To represent in negotiations with buildings contractors;
  • To evaluate the effectiveness and rationality of project solutions;
  • To prepare the technical specifications for constructions and designing;
  • To help to find the right site or territory to develop the activities, according the demands of the client;
  • To coordinate the projects with tenants of the clients;
  • To coordinate the servitude agreements, their preparing and signing;
  • To clarify the legislation in all stages of project development.
  • To perform variuos calculations, analysis and simulations in order to optimise the project solutions. 



Our qualified, long experienced team can offer:

  • To represent your interests in all project stages;
  • To create the conception of real estate project development;
  • To prepare project business plan, budget, to arrange the timetable of the project, and to control it;
  • To do all necessary control functions as: preparation of project proposals and their coordination, the organization of Design Tender, choosing the right designer, coordination of project works.
  • To perform the revision function of upcoming project solutions to ensure rational solutions;
  • To perform Tender of Contractor Services organization, Contractor selection and coordination and control functions of construction;
  • To coordinate and organize the completion of construction processes.