To participate actively in the construction sector efficacy initiatives in the Republic of Lithuania. In order to improve the process of construction should be used innovations and methods, which ensures the highest added value for the customer and the local and international competitiveness of services.

The Building Information Model (BIM) is a database of digital elements, which holds detailed project information and the very object’s model. The BIM database precisely depicts the physical, functional and informative characteristics of the project in the general three-dimensional (3D) environment. This solution enables all the participants of the project effectively and efficiently verify, debug, preview and transfer all the project information in one building infomodel while reducing documentation and workload. The BIM system enables to carry out experimental design much easier, as significant changes to the solutions of the parametric model of the structure are carried out much faster than using conventional design systems. Furthermore, all solutions are much expressive and easier to read.

Preparation of designs, we use advance software company Autodesk:

  • Revit Architecture;
  • 3D Max;
  • Robot Structural Analysis Profesional;